Friday, November 24, 2017

Petitions and More, November 24 David Davis MP, Secr. of State for the Department for Exiting the EU and Lesley Griffiths AM, Welsh Government, ensure animal welfare is not left behind! Animals are sentient beings and must be recognised as such! Once more. UK law now has left out the recognition of animals as sentient beings, and the requirement for governments to pay “full regard” to their welfare!   American Anti-Vivisection Society, actions, if not signed yet Norbest CEO, stand by the company’s values by cutting ties with all animal abusing farms and shifting to plant-based meats! Ask provinces to protect caribou habitat The eggs used by Mac'ma come from chickens that spend their entire lives in cages. Bimbo and Gamesa have already committed to reject this abuse, Mac'ma refuses to do so  Tell them ‘Hands-off! No ban on Australian charities’! The federal government is planning to ban international philanthropy helping you  Imprison the poisoners and killers of defenseless dogs Russia. Adopt the law on the protection of animals, where is the promised law ?  Romania. Close this hellish dogpound in Ovidiu,  district Constanța! Italy. Let dr. Zumbo resign as Pres. of the Order of Veterinarians in Palermo. He kicked a dog to kill him and proposes euthanasia of all stray dogs (instead of sterilization) ! Turkey. Create a system for available vet care for urgent cases!
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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Petitions and More, November 23  German Government, take immediate action to end the cruel live export of animals to Egypt and the Middle East, where investigations have revealed appalling cruelty and slaughter methods - including blinding and butchering alive! Call for independently monitored CCTV in all slaughterhouses in Australia!  Needs more attention. Systemic disregard for pig welfare laws  Pls Help Retweet Message, #HR1406 Target 7 Key Reps & HSLF Republicans, List #159 - #168 "The time is now to STOP the global dog cat meat atrocity. USA must take a strong stand against torture & cruelty! Dogs R Veterans of War fighting alongside our soldiers! Send HR1406 Cosponsor to @RepHastingsFL cc: @GOPLeader @SpeakerRyan @HouseAgNews" It is Time 2 Be Grateful 4 all the Good Dogs and Cats Do 4 US By Asking Congress 2 Cosponsor HR1406, please retweet ! Urgent! Take action against the proposed International Wildlife Conservation Council! Email  today, use sample comments or your own, tweet, post, sign petitions! US-info. Tell Congress: No animal should be hunted to extinction so that someone can have a trophy on their wall! Both the House and Senate are poised to strip Endangered Species Act protections from Gray Wolves around the Great Lakes, this would be devastating! Breuninger must be fur-free! Tell Breuninger your opinion about real fur! To confirm (maybe in the junk mail box) We need 20,000 signatures. Support a fur-free future! Donkeys' Heads Bashed in With Sledgehammers for Chinese Ejiao Industry! Urge Online Outdoor Retailer to End Fur and Angora Wool Sales ! Urge the Texas Renaissance Festival to Drop Cruel Elephant Rides Sonic, Please Add a Vegan Burger and Vegan Ice Cream
If not signed yet Update. What You're Doing Is Morally Reprehensible: Foxhunters Confronted, email! Turkey. Do not be indifferent to these atrocities in Sile, find those who are responsible! India needs an affordable vaccination and spaying programme for its strays! Germany. Stop the horror of exporting live animals for slaughter! Germany. Protest against the destruction of the Elbe floodplains due to gravel mining
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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Petitions and More, November 22

(For newcomers: after opening a petition link, and signing the petition, you can click-right on the top arrow pointing to the left, and choose ‘Animal Petitions and More’ again.
If you notice that you are automatically logged in on, please log out first, and log in the official way again!)  ZIP=5 digits. The fight isn’t over yet! Wild Horses: Don’t Let Them Become History!  Easiest: copy/paste each tweet (maybe leave out the picture at times) HR 1406, outlaw dog and cat meat in the US! HSLF Republicans # 148 - #157, Calls, FB, and Emails, See Emails in comments! Urge to End Bookings for Exploitative Elephant Camps US-info. Please Vote No on the SECURE Energy Act, H.R. 4239.  This bill unacceptably undermines protections for marine mammals, opens additional areas of sensitive marine mammal habitat to offshore drilling and seismic exploration, and opens loopholes for industrial activities that may harm protected species! Canada-info. Format A1A 1A1 . Protect wildlife, water and non-motorized recreation opportunities by creating a Wildland Provincial Park  US-info. Food and farm Act Italy. The horses of the Giara live in the wild in a restricted area in Sardinia, and the pastures and springs are not enough for their survival! Create a multi-years plan to deal with their well-being! Update, Mute Swans, more signatures please! Italy. Protect burned forest areas, ban hunting and transform them into natural parks Suspend the Fireworks with Noise at the Lollapalooza recital on March 16, 17 and 18, 2018 at the San Isidro Hippodrome (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Demand an end to ACC NY murdering innocent dogs and cats. They aren't an Animal Care Center. They are a slaughter house. Thousands of dogs and cats killed each year, hundreds each week More signatures please! Animal Sentience Left out of Repeal Bill UK - Urgent Action Needed! Don't let the Department of the Interior undo wildlife conservation plans
               ==========   News and more   =========   Help us save the Wolves of Norway! WWF World Wildlife Fund is facing a lawsuit against the Norwegian state and requires new Wolf management!  Las Vegas City Councilwoman Michelle Fiore calls animal welfare activists "criminals" at this weeks council meeting. She then proceeds to kill the ordinance that stopped puppy mill dogs from coming into Las Vegas. We must vote her out!


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Petitions and More, November 21  Help retweet to appeal to the 7 key Reps to support HR1406 Plse help RT message to AG Committee, 7 Key Reps & #148-#157 HSLF Republicans List: Dog cat meat is not banned in 44 US States! Hawaii, Pennsylvania, NY all had dog cat meat cases! 11/20/17 - Leave your daily Message to House Agriculture Committee, to Review and markup HR1406 !  John Dalley of Soi Dog and Nami Kim of will deliver this petition to Dr. Pyo Changwon, who has announced his plan to ban the cruel and inhumane dog meat trade in South Korea, on January 25th at a press conference at the South Korea's National Assembly Building. Right now, the petition has collected over 1 million signatures. So let's reach 2 million!  Protect Animals from Trophy Hunters, stop the formation of the International Wildlife Conservation Council! The VA doesn't want you to know about its "maximum pain" dog experiments. We bought ads to expose the secretive tests. But our ads were censored.. Taxpayers have a right to know who's paying for dog abuse ... and who's cashing the checks! Silver Foxes, Raccoons, and Coyotes Killed for Decoration!  Once more.  Prime Minister Abe, take immediate action to end the hunting of dolphins in Japan, including the bloody and inhumane slaughter of dolphins that takes place in Taiji Animals should no longer be treated as goods or things under the law, they are living beings! To confirm Stop ships from dumping untreated sewage into our fragile marine ecosystems, like Washington’s Puget Sound US-info. The House of Representatives is about to vote on H.R.4239, a bill that would weaken ocean protections and intentionally pave the way for offshore oil and gas drilling! Austria. Give the Wolf a chance! Mr. Trump, do Not condone the killing of elephants! To confirm Demanding fencing  along the Pan-American Highway, (particularly Tigre, Pilar and Escobar branches of Buenos Aires) for greater security for animals and people US-info. Oppose Legislation Weakening Endangered Species Protection From Pesticides Spain. The Iberian Wolf (Canis lupus signatus) is a key species for ecosystems, end hunting Wolves in La Rioja, protect them! Russia. It is necessary to punish animal murderers in more severe ways Spain. Against the sacrifice of the oldest animals in the kennels and against the mistreatment that some pets receive Japan. Needs a lot of signatures, it’s not to late to prevent the killing of this dog, a young Shiba Inu called Gal who was wearing a blue collar, once housed in the Izumo health center Russia. Take action upon the release of hydrogen sulfide in the Schelkovo district, damaging the health of wildlife and people Join us in our calls for a dog meat free Indonesia! Save the world's tallest flowering trees. Create the Great Forest National Park!
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Monday, November 20, 2017

Petitions and More, November 20 Help retweet messages to the AG Committee - Republicans: Pls Review & Markup HR1406!
make HR1406 a Law In the USA to Ban Dog and Cat Meat Consumption in 44 States! 7 Key Rep (all 7 are Non Cosponsors of HR1406) - Calls, FB, and Emails, See in Comments for the Emails  No to killing Wolves in Germany! To confirm Support the Ban on Elephant Hunting Trophies!  Denounce the Trump administration for reversing ban on importing elephant trophies! Tweet, post, or email to keep the ban on importing elephant trophies in place Needs more attention. Many incidents in which animals have been left to suffer because LAAS couldn't be reached or didn't respond in a timely manner! If not signed yet. Domestic cats who can go outside should be de-sexed by a veterinarian Sanctions for those responsible for the death of 40 cats burned alive in Ate, Peru! Argentina. Prov. of Santa Cruz. Stop this monster, Horacio Barrera, proposing dog meat, and using refrigerators for the trade in dog meat and fur/leather! Argentina. Protest!  Horacio Barrera, proposing the dog meat trade for China!  Government of Spain, we ask that the EU treaties for the Protection of Animals be enforced and that harsh sanctions for acts of animal abuse are upheld!  Turkey. Municipality of Istanbul: Stop dumping cats (and hungry) dogs in another location in the woods, at least 20 cats were massacred!  Argentina. Buenos Aires. Dep. of Caba, continue the free anti-rabies vaccination program in 2017 as well!  Italy. Poisoned bait: how many other animals have to die? We need a specific law to prevent this! Germany. Show true Animal suffering by using photo imprints on meat wrappers! Turkey. Justice for this dog, ears were cut, as shown on the instagram account of Hasan Yilmaz ; arrest the perpetrator! Mexico. Invest in the temporary pet shelters created in the aftermath of the earthquake, in addition to the permanent shelters that, due to the contingency, have limited opportunities to ensure enough supplies and basic services Spain. We request a 24-hour animal collection service and adequate facilities in the municipality of Canovella for abandoned, lost, sick, injured cats and puppies Mexico. Stop the animal abuse/neglect at the dogpound of the state of Zacatecas, CACF, and dismiss the responsible ones Russia. Protect the Prioksko-Terrasnoy Reserve buffer against greed and corruption
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